Wow! Stunning 3 Bedroom Vacant Oakville Townhouse Project Yielded 121 % of Asking in 24 hrs! Call Me Today!!!!

Stunning 3 Bedroom Semi Detached in Brampton sold for 116% of Asking in 7 days!

Amazing Can only describe this Perfect Home! What Started as a Consultation, quickly turned into an accessory, small furniture rental and fine tuning project. The sale price speaks for itself!

Beautiful 4 Bedroom Detached Home in Brampton- Sold for 105% of Asking in 9 days!

Bright and Spacious Home Used a Combination of the Clients furniture. The remainder of the home including Three Bedrooms and all accessories and decor were provided by Our Team.

Vacant Milton Condo Beauty Sold for 102 % of Asking in 2 weeks!

Modern Sophistication at its Finest! Beautiful Toronto Pent House Condo Sold for $81,128 over asking...that's 117% of the Asking Price in 1 week!

Project consisted of a Consultation, small furniture rental and accessory and decor rental!

This Vacant home required a full stage. Each piece of furniture was carefully chosen to accentuate the square footage this home had to offer.

This stunner sold for 103% of asking!

We utilized as much as possible in this condo due to a lack of storage. With a combination of accessory rental, small furniture rental and consultation,

this oasis sold for 98% of asking!

This Architectural Beauty featured a blend of accessory and furniture rental, showcasing and consultation!

This spectacular home sold for 98% of asking!

This Beautiful Family Home boasted a full stage as it was vacant and on a time crunch...with less than one days notice including a small staging day window;

It sold for 98% of asking in ONE day!

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